Plot Types

Group Comparisons How to format data
  • Detect & Remove Outlier(s)
  • T-test
  • One Way ANOVA
  • Two Way ANOVA
  • Post Hoc Multiple Comparisons
    • Tukey's Honest Significance Test
    • Fisher's LSD Test
    • Bonferroni's Test
    • Benjamini-Hochberg Procedure
    • Dunnett's Test (After One Way ANOVA)
Fit Curve and Predict y How to format data
  • Linear Regression
  • Polynomial Regression (2nd to 4th degree)
  • Exponential Regression
  • Logarithmic Regression
  • Logistic Function
  • Boltzmann Sigmoid

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Dec 25, 2020

There are some major updates to GraphRobot. I have added Dunnett's Test and supports for jiggering dots in group comparisons. I have also added several curve fitting functions. There are more features coming. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Lei A. Wang - Linkedin


How to Make a Plot Using GraphRobot


GraphRobot is a free web app for plotting and statistical analyses.
  1. GraphRobot is free.
  2. GraphRobot runs in the browser. You can access it from all your devices (even on your smart phone).
  3. GraphRobot has some smart features. For example, it can automatically add significance asterisks to the plot. No more manual drawing!


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