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Plot Types

Group Comparisons --- T-test, One Way ANOVA, Two Way ANOVA (How to format data)
Scatter Plot --- Linear Regression (How to format data)
Pie Chart (How to format data)

Paste or type your Excel data in the box below, then click "Create Plot".

     ---When typing data, separate data points with Tab.


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How to Make a Plot Using GraphRobot


GraphRobot is a free web app that can make publication quality scientific plots. GraphRobot is created by a postdoctoral fellow in biomedical science. Below are the main advantages of GraphRobot compared to other plotting softwares.
  1. GraphRobot is free.

  2. GraphRobot runs in the browser. You can access it from all your devices (even on your smart phone).

  3. GraphRobot has some smart features. For example, it can automatically add significance asterisks to the plot. No more manual drawing!


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You are allowed to use and publish plots generated using GraphRobot as long as you cite GraphRobot. To cite GraphRobot in publications please use:

Lei A. Wang (2019). GraphRobot. URL